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If you’ve landed here that means you probably got this from one of my posts or profile on BeyondDiet.com. Or perhaps as this gets indexed on the internet someone may end up here as a result of a Google search, who knows.

However you got here, I hope to be able to share with you my successes in choosing a healthy and natural eating lifestyle and in the process lose 50lbs (and still going, 60lb lost as of May 2012.)  I want to be able to communicate with others who share the same goals and similar outlook.  I want to help those who want to help themselves but may be struggling.  Even if I can only provide a testimonial to Isabel’s original Diet Solution Program(retired, goes to BeyondDiet now,) I hope this is worth the effort.

There may be many skeptics out there, but honestly, I can’t figure out how one could be skeptical about common sense.  If you can commit to a change in your eating lifestyle and approach to a healthy life you will be successful.  If you have the word “can’t” in your vocabulary, it will be a more difficult road.

At the top of the page are some pages describing my own experience, what I do, what I eat and how I look at these changes.  Blog posts I’ve written on various topics can be found on the right under the “Recent Posts” heading.  I hope to use these posts for more up to date activities, topics and opinions as time goes on.  I’ve also included some links on the right that I have found helpful or have information relating to health and nutrition.

So please feel free to share your successes, browse the information I’ve provided including my own personal Success Journal, what I eat,  my thoughts and attitudes as well as some important links that I’ve found helpful and educational.




Knowledge is Power: Cholesterol and Fat Links


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DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor.  I am not a nutritionist, nor have I been trained in the field of medicine, health or nutrition.  The information and references provided here are not medical advice.  I am simply providing links to blogs, articles and resources where the reader can come to their own conclusions.

Knowledge is Power.  Ok, it’s a cliche, but it is for a reason.  It’s true.  I am an individual who is passionate about health and nutrition and I strive to learn as much as I can.  During the course of my own journey and learning’s I have come across a great many links, blogs and articles that I have found valuable.

I have a great many web resources (hundreds,) so for this post I wanted to provide links that relate to a couple of the biggest topics in the health and nutrition blog-o-sphere; Cholesterol and Fats.

Rather than write a long blog post on my opinion on these, the purpose of this post is just to provide the links and resources for those who want to further their own knowledge.  So without further adieu, here you go:



I hope you find these links and resources helpful.  Obviously there is a LOT of information linked above, and this really only scratches the surface.  But the more information you can arm yourself with, the better able you will be to have discussions with friends, family, colleagues and yes, your doctors.  You could easily spend way too much time reading and researching, but as they say, Knowledge is Power.  Happy Reading!

Next on my list to include here, SUGAR!

P.S.  If you have any additional websites, blogs or links I may be interested, feel free to send them to me.