I suppose that if you’re here and reading this it might be like preaching to the choir.  However, I thought this very worthwhile posting.  In full disclosure, this is no doubt an infomercial with a commercial interest and a product to sell at the end.  But guess what, no one has to buy anything.  I think the basic information is right on and very pertinent to the healthy eating lifestyle.

It’s very, very long at 1 1/2  hours, but you can watch the 3min trailer to get a gist of what the entire film gives you.  There is no product advertisement or pitch of their product in the actual film, but the marketing genius is that the “film” will only be available until March 31st! So there’s your gimmick to get you to buy the DVD!  That’s all fine with me, again I have the choice to ignore or fork out my cash.

The information presented is really a confirmation of the things I have learned and I think very pertinent to the lifestyle of eating whole, healthy and natural foods.

Have a Listen: HungryforChange.tv