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This post is intended to help those members of the Beyond Diet community who are simply overwhelmed at all the information, metabolism types, allowable servings, Success Journal, etc. etc. etc.  For those who found this and aren’t members of Beyond Diet, this info is based on the healthy eating lifestyle and weight loss program called “Beyond Diet,” also called “The Diet Solution Program” or also “The Flat Belly Solution.”

Folks come to these websites pretty much for the same reason.  We’re looking for help to either lose weight or simply improve our health.  For many, the changes, choices and programs can be overwhelming.  It’s also important to know that we are all different.  Some folks can take one concept and run with it; adapting to their own life and circumstances and improve their health and lose weight.  Yet others need rigid guidelines and steps to follow in order to be successful.  And many others still that fit somewhere in between.

For me personally, I’m a mix of both.  From the beginning my success in losing weight really came from simply making the decision to change the way I eat, what I ate and the desire to correct and improve my health.  But I’m also pretty detail oriented and so I’m also pretty diligent about tracking my progress both online in the BeyondDiet Success Journal as well as my own Excel spreadsheet.

I want to share these guiding principles in hopes of helping those who may be a little frustrated or overwhelmed about some or all aspects of this new way of life.  I hope you find this helpful.


If you’re reading this, it means you have made some sort of decision to either lose weight, improve your health, whatever.  A decision you made brought you here.  I’ll be up front right out of the gate.  If you made the decision because: “you need to fit in to that dress for the High School Reunion,” or “I have to lose 20lbs and look good for my son’s wedding!” then you have yet to actually, really make a commitment to change.  Yes, this program or any diet or program will allow you to lose weight, fit in to that dress or let you not be ashamed to show a little skin at the beach – and guys, beer guts are NOT attractive – I know. 😉  But what happens after you’ve lost that 20 lbs, but didn’t change the way you live?

Most folks however, made a decision, clicked a link because they want to change the way they live, how and what they eat.  Making a commitment to actually change, and change permanently is the single most important thing you can do to get started.  Simply knowing that you’re eating as healthy as you possibly can should be cause enough – any weight loss or time tables, wedding dresses reunions or whatever will come in due time.

Lastly, making a commitment when it comes to your health is serious.  When you’re pre-diabetic, on blood pressure meds and cholesterol medication or can’t walk to your mailbox… something is telling you it’s time to change.  Make a commitment to do that.

The Big Picture

This may sound overly simple, but really this is key to whether or not you might be successful with this program.  This information is covered in good length on the website and in the manual, but I’ll try and summarize it here.  At the very core of a healthy eating lifestyle is eating whole and natural foods and eliminating processed foods and sugar.

It doesn’t get any more basic than this.  Avoid and eliminate processed foods, sugars and simple carbs like white flours, rice, pastas and breads from enriched flours.  Don’t drink soda or add chemical sweeteners to your teas and coffee.  Eat, whole, natural and raw foods.


Read, read and read some more.  Educate  yourself and learn why processed foods and sugar are the real enemies, not bacon and eggs or milk, or steak or butter.  The more you understand the basic principles behind the BeyondDiet solution and program, the easier it will be to implement and integrate in to your daily life.  Knowledge is power, as they say.

Oh yeah, also learn to become an avid label and ingredients reader.  Do NOT rely on the front of the box, bottle or package that says “all natural,” “healthy,” or even “organic.”  Learn to read the ingredient list.  Unfortunately there are NO laws regulating the use of “natural” or “healthy” and labels are very deceiving.  READ the ingredients list and decide whether or not that’s something you would want to put in your body.

Change One Thing

You can do this one thing even before you read anything else, or heck, even before making a serious commitment.  CHOOSE to change something.  The first thing I chose to do, even before finding this program, was to quit drinking soda.  Not just Diet Coke, but all and any kind of soda.  Just told myself I don’t drink that stuff anymore.

Maybe for you it’s taking a brisk walk after dinner – if that’s something you’ve never done before.  Drop the remote in favor of some exercise 3 times a week.  Change sometime, start a new path.

These are big things, but taking a major step like quitting smoking or quitting drinking would be a major step and set you on your way to a new and healthy eating and living lifestyle.

If it’s only leaving the sugar out of your coffee, then that is still a change that starts you in the right direction.  Change one thing to start.

Keep it Simple

Easier said than done, I understand.  But if you can concentrate and understand the Big Picture above and understand the simple, common sense underlying principles, then it shouldn’t be too hard.

Keep it simple, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff means:

  • If you have 5.75 oz of chicken just count it as 6 oz.  Count it as 5 oz if you’re not sure.  It just doesn’t matter.
  • If you have an apple, banana, or nectarine, don’t worry if it’s a “medium” piece of fruit.  It just doesn’t matter.
  • If you have 2 slices of bacon for breakfast, and sneak an extra piece from your spouse, don’t worry about it.
  • Did you have 80oz of water or 108?  It doesn’t matter, just drink a lot of water, keep it simple.
  • Did you miss a snack? Don’t sweat it, don’t freak out.  It’s ok.
  • When you only had 12g of protein when the program calls for 17… don’t worry about it.  It doesn’t really matter.

What matters then?  You chose ALL or ANY of the above over Mac-n-Cheese, strawberry cheesecake, Diet Coke, frozen boxed pizza, pasta from enriched flour, etc. etc.

Don’t be overwhelmed.  Keep it simple and make good, sensible choices.  That’s ALL there is to this.

“Piece of Cake!”  Ha! 😉