I am NOT a doctor.  I am NOT a scientist.  Nor am I a nutritionist or health coach.  This site does not and can not offer medical advice or diagnosis.  This blog is here simply as an outlet for my own opinions, and links to other opinions, blogs and websites for the purposes of gaining knowledge and spreading diet related information.

You should ALWAYS seek the advice and consultation of your physician regarding any medical treatment, weight loss efforts or dietary supplements.

This blog encourages folks to gain their own knowledge and learn how best to improve their diet, nutrition and overall health by making good choices.

I’m just a guy who changed the direction in his health life by changing his diet.  I just want to share what I’ve learned and help others towards a healthy eating lifestyle.  That’s all.  You won’t even find any paid advertisements of multi level marketing techniques here… (at least not yet!) 😉

Cheers to a healthy and happy You.


4 thoughts on “Disclaimer”

  1. I work a 4-crew 12-hour shift work 2weeks nights then 2weeks days. also an one hour drive one way so time is limited to make meals some days I have to decide if sleep or food is more important. So very little time for exercise either. I am A binge eater mostly at night lots of popcorn and ice cream In your opinion would it be worth my time and money to do this ?? I am a 55 year old woman at 178 pounds at 5ft 3in . Any advise would be great or refer me to where I can obtain more information ….. Thank you for your help

    • Hello SS, thank you for note and question. It sounds like you haven’t signed up fo the BeyondDiet program and are trying to decide if it’s worth the money or not. A fair question. My answer is, well, it depends. Some folks need step by step guidance to follow while others can take the information and adapt it to their own lifestyle. We all have much different lifestyles, schedules and of course life histories so it’s reasonable to think that not one single “program” is going to work for everyone.

      So, having said that, here are my thoughts. I personally have learned so much that the $47 I spent was well spent – many times over. The information in the program however is common sense really; there is no secret and the info is out there on the internet, in books, etc. for all to read and learn. I think the value of the $47 is having all this information consolidated in to one place. In my opinion, the value IS the information about food; healthy, whole and natural food. The value is NOT about the schedule, the “servings,” portions, calories, etc.

      From your description, your schedule might not fit the recommended eating schedule of 5 meals a day. So, if you need a strict plan to follow, this may not work for you. However, if you can take the knowledge about what foods are good and which ones are bad, and apply to your own life and schedule, you CAN be successful.

      If you haven’t already, read my posts like “Not,” “Choices,” and “Overwhelmed.”

      Above all, the MOST important thing you need to decide is making the committment to changing. I hear so many people say “I can’t give up my XXXXX,” or “I don’t have time to XXXXX.” Clearly you came across this blog cause you’re searching for information about how you might be able to go about changing. At some point you need to take that leap and commit yourself to making those changes.

      You can do this without exercise. But as you might guess, any exercise will be beneficial in burning off more calories than you otherwise would without. Also, exercise is known to improve your bloodwork too.

      Late night eating has been my problem over the years too. Food items that contain lots of sugar (ice cream) top the list of contributing to weight gain and poor health. This is one of those moments you need to take control and decide. I was addicted to Diet Coke, had one every morning when I woke up. One day around the time I started this program, I decided I no longer drink soda. I haven’t had one since and while I can agree water is “boring,” it’s pretty much what I drink – about 100oz/day. I also have coffee (1cup) and tea (both hot and iced.) And other than wine I don’t drink anything else.

      You can help you decision along in a couple ways. You can substitute healthy food choices for the bad ones, or just give up the bad stuff entirely – either cold turkey or gradually. An example might be replacing the ice cream with greek yogurt mixed with amond butter, cinnamon and some fresh fruit. Substituting ice cream with “fat free” or frozen yogurt is NOT the answer. If those don’t contain sugar, they contain chemical substitues which in many cases are more dangerous than sugar. But plain, full fat yogurt and add your own ingredients.

      Raw nuts, and hardboiled eggs are other examples to have on hand for snacking. Keeping in mind too, that calories in vs. calories out still matters. It’s possible to just eat too much – AND just as easy, not enough.

      It may not be easy and likely overwhelming at first, but if you can do the following, you can and will be leading a healthy eating lifestyle where losing weight and inches is simply a side benefit:
      1. Eliminate/avoid processed foods
      2. Eliminate/avoid refined sugar, enriched white/wheat flour/pasta/breads.
      3. Eliminate/avoid soda, fruit juices and chemical sweeteners (splenda, sweet-n-low,etc.)
      4. Eliminate/avoid soy, soybean oil, canola oil, vegetable oils in general, Crisco, margerines and “spreads.” Use coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and real butter.

      Learn how to read the ingredient list, not just trusting what’s on the front of the box and the label. Learn how to make good choices when eating out. Have grilled chicken or fish rather than deep fried anything, pastas with cream sauce, or salads with creamy dressings – choose oil and vinegar over those.

      Just from reading you question and situation, it’s my opinion that you would benefit more from the information rather than the guided meal plans.

      Anyway SS, I could keep writing, but there’s enough to chew on for now. Feel free to us the email link if you have additional questions I will help if I can.

      Best of luck to you. If you can commit to changing, it WILL happen for you.


      • Thank you so much for sharing all the good information with me .. Do have a couple questions I really like eggs but am now allergic to them is there something else to substitute ?? Other question is popcorn good on this diet or not if made with coconut oil?? I think I just might spend the $47 after all just to have all the good info in one
        Place thanks again for your help

      • You’re welcome. That’s a bummer about the eggs. I love eggs. That’s one of those foods that there really isn’t a direct subsitute for. You certainly don’t want an “fake” eggs or egg substitute. What you mostly would need to do is make sure you get enough quality protein and healthy fats. Coconut oil being one those healthy fats. Speaking of which, you could do worse than popcorn and using coconut oil is a clear choice over the vegetable oils we’ve been using all these years. You should also understand a few things about corn. The vast majority of corn grown in the US is GMO – genetically modified. Corn, soybeans, sugar beets are some of the big crops. Corn is also high on the glycemic index, which raise your blood sugar levels faster than low glycemic foods, which in turn cause an insulin response and promote fat storage. But as I mentioned you could do worse and popcorn as a light snack is ok. Just understand it’s not going to help you lose weight.

        Here’s my advice if you decide to spend the money. READ and understand the underlying principles at work. Those principles are that processed foods, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, enriched(processed/refined) flours (including wheat,) hydrogenated oils, etc. are the REAL cause of obesity, inflamation in the body which leads to all those heart diseases, etc. Understand the big picture and worry less about counting servings, meal plans, and all those details that confuse and frustrate so many folks. Take one or two small steps at a time, be patient and work these changes in to your life – In other words, don’t force yourself to fit a fixed and rigid plan, use the information and adapt it to your lifestyle. I mentioned before, but if you haven’t yet, read my post titled “NOT.” More and more I’m realizing that it’s NOT the programs, meal plans, schedules, etc. that “work,” in losing weight or being healthy, it’s really all about simply avoiding bad foods. It can really be that simple. (Of course nothing is that simple, but again, just tyring to get the big picture across.)

        Best of luck to you!

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