My Attitude

GLASS IS HALF FULL for me. Winning the battle for your outlook on life is THE MOST important aspect of changing your eating lifestyle. Motivation to lose weight is big enough, but you have to WANT to do it.

CHOICE. Life boils down to choices. What you choose to do or not do determines where you want to go and who you want to be. Ok, so there’s act’s of God and things out of your control, but really, it does rest on our individual shoulders to make change.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  Nothing can set a person back faster than saying or thinking “this won’t work.”  “Can’t” is word I try to avoid.  Yes it’s true, nothing is perfect, “sh*t” happens and things don’t always work the way they are suppose to.  In the end though, it’s what you do to work around it, deal with and simply do something different.  Complaining about something won’t do much to help your cause and reach your goals.  If you are unhappy with something, provide a positive solution or alternative.

LOOKING FORWARD. Rather than looking back, try and look forward.  Too many times we here folks say things like, “I’ve tried so many diets, I hope this one really works…” or “I can’t give up my diet soda…” etc.  Try your best to look forward. “Today, I no longer drink diet soda.”  Look forward to a healthy life and toss out the window all those things that did or didn’t work in the past.  What’s gone is gone.  Sure, it’s easy say this and be a backseat driver, but even if for some this could be the trigger that gets them looking forward, it’s good thing.

RTFM.  Read the Fxxxxx manual.  For those who haven’t heard this acronym, I’m guessing you can figure it out.  I really enjoy helping others.  After a whiile though it’s clear that some people just don’t want to take the the time to understand something before they start asking questions.

DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF.  I say this all the time responding to comments and shares on BeyondDiet.  If you can just remember that the basic premise is to replace processed foods and foods with chemicals with whole and natural foods, that alone will change your eating lifestyle.  All the serving counting, measuring or figuring out if papaya nuts (is there such a thing?) are good for you.  Sure, you can dig deep and understand the glycemic index and that might be a good thing.  But it’s more important knowing that you’re choosing grilled chicken over fettuccine alfredo from enriched flour and vegetable oil based sauce.  And if you’re doing very well with the new eating lifestyle, don’t sweat it if you have a piece of cake at your nieces birthday party.

COMMITMENT.  One of the basic premises of the Diet Solution is NOT that it’s a program or a diet.  It’s a LIFESTYLE, and a permanent, life-long one at that.  You need to have a commitment to change what and how you eat.  It’s also not a quick fix.  We often hear, “I need to lose 20 lbs before my daughter’s wedding in June.”  Hey, that’s great that you want to lose weight and look good for something, improving your health along the way, but what happens after the wedding?  This is why “diets” almost always fail.  There is no life-long commitment to change.

In order to be successful and have permanent change, the goal shouldn’t be a time frame, but a lifestyle.  Isabel encourages positive affirmations and even encourages you to have a statement in your profile, “Soon, This will be my life.”  The key here is that the goal is what you want your life to be and the time is not specific.

This may not work for everyone, but I am simply able to tell myself, “I no longer drink diet coke,” or “I no longer eat processed foods.”  Statements like these whether written down or affirmed in your head can a do make a difference on your success.


2 thoughts on “My Attitude”

  1. Hi Lon,

    I love your attitude, it just makes sense! Our attitude is what helps us make the best choices! Thank you so much for sharing your personal thoughts!

    • Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Two of them even! I’m glad this made sense and enough to make you leave a comment. I appreciate it. Best of luck to you!

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