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Lon’s Success Journal (click to download)

Lon's Journal

Screen shot of My Journal – Click to download

I hesitate in providing this, but in the end I also want to help someone else.  This is my Journal which I keep in parallel with what I enter on the BeyondDiet website.  I created this spreadsheet initially to track my weight loss each week since that feature wasn’t available on the website.

The Excel spreadsheet includes my first 35 weeks on the program with daily entries for all my meals.  There is a tab for my weight loss and graph with notes embedded for significant events.  The spreadsheet grew to include a food sugar tab, Glycemic index and a list of example foods for Protein, Carbs and Fats from the Beyond Diet pages.

I’m providing this so that perhaps someone who is interested in this level of detail and tracking can use it.  You are free to copy and download this file.

PLEASE NOTE.  For obvious reasons of time and resources if you are not familiar with Excel or do not have the Microsoft program, I am unable to help or instruct.  I’m sorry, but it’s just not practical to think that I could help folks from the internet on how to use a spreadsheet.  I’d love to, but….  Thanks for understanding!

If you have questions or comments on the content I would happy to answer if I can.

Update July, 2012.  I’ve just uploaded a copy of my current, working Journal.  There’s a gap between Nov, 2011 and Feb 2012 – and I put back on nearly 15lbs.  A couple things happened.  Major knee surgery getting reconstructive ACL surgery on my right knee. Old skiing injury, this was more proactive maintenance as opposed to a serious injury.  Anyway, exercise had stopped in November, surgery December 1st.  It wasn’t until I was able to do some active physical therapy and conditioning in late January that I was able to start exercising again.  In addition to that, I fell off a bit and began eating some foods – wrong foods, wrong times and late at night. Subsequently I gained some back.   Come full circle, I’m back to where I was before surgery with a little ways yet to go.  It’s a journey – and a lifelong one at that.

Be Well!


9 thoughts on “My Journal”

  1. Lon, I really enjoyed reading through this information this afternoon after we had exchanged emails earlier. I was unaware of the blog you’d posted on-line until that email today.
    Although I was aware of your ongoing effort for a totally healthier life style, however, taking the time to read the information here really reinforces all those conversations we’ve had to date on this subject with that new lifestyle change.
    I can truthfully say that we were on parallel paths in the beginning and did not even know it. But, once we’d discovered our needs and wants to move to a healthier lifestyle overall it was really great to share the ongoing success we’ve had. Like you I too have lost 50+ pounds and hope to even improve upon that too. I was running into similar health danger signs as well when visiting the doctors and the routine test results. Those items of concern have thankfully become totally normal in all respects as a result of the lifestyle changes I’ve made also.

    All is good. Thank you for sharing your blog and I hope others will find the link so they can read about your successful move forward too.

  2. Violet Stegall said:

    Lon, I just discovered this site from your alcohol share. I don’t drink, but am a curious “cat”. The info you share is exceptional. Your menu plans are a great help and I copied your journal and will use it from now on. I’ve just been typing my meals from the “Success Journal” before they disappeared. I figured out how to adjust the P,F,Carbs to my allowable servings. How does the pie chart work – does it automatically just happen? Didn’t know you were a photographer – the photos are beautiful.

    • Hi Violet, Thanks very much for leaving a comment. I’m glad the journal and meal info is helpful. The pie chart should update automatically provided you don’t change or move any columns. What I do is copy each tab/worksheet to keep going. You then just edit the week#, dates, etc. And make a copy from the blank one so you don’t have to erase the prev week’s data.

      As far as the online Success Journal, all the stuff you enter online never goes away. Just click on the little calendar icon and you can select a month and date and back and look as far back as you want.

      Thanks and best of luck. Lon



    • Hi April,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, you are free to use my Journal. If you’ve already looked at it that means you’ve downloaded it. You just need to save it on your computer. Glad you like it. Thanks!

  4. TERRIE MILLER said:

    Hey Lon, thanks for responding to my question earlier! All of the info you’ve provided on your website has been very helpful. I’m having a problem downloading your journal on my iPad and don’t have another computer at this time. Hopefully it will cooperate soon!

    • Hi Terrie, thanks for leaving a comment. I hope some of this writing will help you in your endeavors. As far as the Journal goes, it’s a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. So knowing the differences between Apple and MS, you may need something on your iPad to convert or display Microsoft Office applications. Wish I could provide an answer, but thanks again for leaving a comment!

  5. TERRIE MILLER said:

    Hey Lon, Just wondering if you can email me the journal? Just a thought! Might have more luck getting it that way! Don’t go to any trouble. Thanks, Terrie

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